First State Bank

About Us

At First State Bank, odds are we’ll know you and your family by your first names. We’re a locally owned community bank that’s part of a statewide group of financial institutions, and our mission is simple: We’re here to help you, the people and businesses of Breckinridge County, succeed. We’re built on a commitment to help our customers flourish, and that begins with the notion that the word ‘Yes’ will get you a lot further than the word ‘No.’ It’s exactly the same commitment that JD Tobin, Sr., owner of the Irvington Dry Goods Store and forefather of our bank, made well over half-a-century ago.

We’re not another faceless big-box bank that’s now doing business in your neighborhood. You’ll always have direct access to the bank’s leadership, and we’ll always begin conversations with a smile. We’re not strangers or outsiders who look at customers as, well, just customers. Instead, we live where our friends and customers live, shop where they shop, and support many of the same things they support. We love knowing our community members, and we thrive on the relationships they trust us with. Whether it’s for a loan or a safe place to put your money, we’re dedicated to a richer and more prosperous tomorrow. And it all starts from the same place: finding a way to say, ‘Yes.’ 

More locations. More opportunties.

First State Bank is proudly part of the First Breckinridge Bancshares family. First Breckinridge Bancshares serves communities across the state of Kentucky and has seven banks in the portfolio: First State Bank, serving Breckinridge County; West Point Bank, serving Hardin County; Bank of Clarkson, serving Grayson County; Meade County Bank, serving Meade County; American Bank & Trust, serving Warren County; Bank of Lexington, serving Fayette County; and River City Bank, serving Jefferson County.

Our Leadership Team

Blake Willoughby



Donnie Butler

Loan Officer


Brent Fentress

Loan Officer


Kevin Jolly

Loan Officer


Erin O'Donoghue

Loan Officer


Tim Tucker

Loan Officer


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